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About Us

My name is Rob. I am the owner of RHI PowerSports. In 1995, I opened a General Contracting Business named - RHI
In the Winter time, when construction projects were few and far between, we would sell random items on eBay to help make ends meet.

In 2005, we decided to concentrate on selling mostly Snowmobiles and other PowerSports related items. Our business quickly grew to the point we were one of the largest sellers of used snowmobile parts on all of eBay. We have since launched our own website and handle all of the internet and local sales internally at our new location.

We buy complete, running, undamaged and sometimes crashed or blown machines and then part them out.
We do not sell any of the "JUNK" parts. If we notice any damage, scratches, wear, etc... we will make a note of it in the description and include several additional pictures. If we determine a part is not usable, we will throw it in my dumpster and not sell it.
We only sell parts. We do not fix, repair or work on any machines.

We are located in Hutchinson, MN 55350 - 60 West of Minneapolis - or - 50 South of St Cloud.


Arctic Cat:
Most of the Cats we get are 1998 to 2002 ZR's and Mountain Cats.
We are starting to get more and more Firecats and Crossfires.
We also have a few older (1990 to 1997) parts.

We have many older Wedge, Evolved, Aggressive and Gen II Chassis Parts (1988 to 2000)
We are now mostly dealing in the 2000 to 2004 EDGE Chassis machines (XC's, Pro-X and RMK 600, 700 and 800's).
We recently started getting into some newer models - like 2005 RMK's, Fusions and IQ's

Ski Doo:
We mostly specialize in the ZX and REV Chassis machines.
We do still have a few S, F and CK3 Chassis parts on hand, but we are not looking to get any more of them.

Yamaha: (Less than 10% of our business)
We weren't selling many Yamaha parts so we have been slowly phazing them out.
We still have some a few parts left from: 1997 to 2001 Vipers, SRX. Mountain Max and VMax's.

Vintage: (Less than 5% of our business)
We don't typically deal with Vintage Parts or Machines.
We do have quite a few NOS John Deere parts
We have a a few KAWASAKI parts as well

Everything Else:
We will also part out the occasional ATV, Dirtbike and PWC
We usually have some clothing, shop equipment, trailers, etc.
We will also occasionally throw in some random household or personal items. You never know!