Polaris Stator

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Item Details
Polaris Stator
RHIPS Stock Number: 10009
Part Number: 3085934
Condition: Used
Item may show signs of previous usage but is fully operational and will function as intended. Take a close look at the picture so you can judge the condition for yourself.
Price: $183.95
Shipping to United States Address: $0.00
Shipping to Canadian Address: $34.95
Item came off a 1999 Polaris XCF 440
Compatibility List:
Polaris 2003 550 Classic Edge
Polaris 2003 Sport Touring
Polaris 2003 Supersport Edge
Polaris 2003 Supersport Edge X F/O
Polaris 2003 Supersport M-10 F/O
Polaris 2003 Supersport M-10 X F/O
Polaris 2003 Trail RMK
Polaris 2002 550 F/C Classic
Polaris 2002 Sport Touring
Polaris 2002 Sport Touring ES Euro
Polaris 2002 Supersport
Polaris 2002 TRAIL RMK 136
Polaris 2002 Trail Touring
Polaris 2001 Euro Sport Touring
Polaris 2001 Sport Touring
Polaris 2001 Sport Touring ES
Polaris 2001 Supersport Edge
Polaris 2001 Trail RMK
Polaris 2001 XCF SP Edge
Polaris 2000 Euro Sport Touring
Polaris 2000 SPORT (LITE)
Polaris 2000 Sport Touring
Polaris 2000 Supersport
Polaris 2000 Trail RMK
Polaris 2000 Trail Touring
Polaris 2000 XCF Edge
Polaris 1999 Euro Trail SKS
Polaris 1999 SUPER SPORT
Polaris 1999 Trail RMK
Polaris 1999 XCF
Polaris 1999 XCF SP
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